Italian Tuscan Villas, Julia Morgan, Lancet arch, Main corbel, manor houses, Mark Walton, metalwork design, Modillions
At the eleventh hour, the developer needed an overall business park design with the provision that the footprints of the buildings and the layout of the parking areas be the same as that previously approved by the City of Las Vegas. RSA designed buildings that, in each, represented a unique country's style. 

So starting with the building on the right there is France, Spain (Barcelona), Italy, Germany (Dresden) and, finally, England in the back. 

Due to the intense heat of the desert  an executive covered parking area was planned and, because of its relative placement, it would be viewed from the main street in front of the business park. 

To reduce the hardscape effect of such a structure, RSA designed a roof garden with fountains, walkways, and seating with additional planting on the side facing the building so that from the street and from the offices the view would be of an elevated park setting. 

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Mounds adjacent to the sidewalk block views of the parked vehicles resulting in a near total landscape framing of the office buildings.

The entire office complex overlooks a desert golf course (not shown in rendering).